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In this massive, 10-month course, you will learn about the book publishing industry. Both the traditional and self-publishing side. You will learn the basics of the industry, the industry terms, genres, categories, word counts, contracts, royalties, domestic rights, foreign rights, subsidiary rights, ISBN’s, barcodes, pricing, ISBN identifiers, filing for copyrights, getting your book in the US Library of Congress, getting your book in libraries, book layout and design, industry sizes, industry paper and stocks, building print books and e-books, designing covers, media kits, websites, author branding and platform, visual branding, digital branding, social media branding, literary agencies and agents, agency fees, submitting queries, submission packages, industry trade discounts, commissions and consignments, book return policies, buybacks, how to get into bookstores, distribution, print runs an initial print runs, print on demand versus offset printing, marketing and publicity,  book reviews, virtual book tours, book trailers, connecting with readers, book launches, forewords and endorsements, audiobooks, bookstore appearances and signings, speaking at schools and libraries, legal issues, and more.




As an award-winning author and visual artist, Tabbatha Bella has been nominated for seventeen book awards including the Newbery, Caldecott Medal, and Hornbook. Her book illustrations were nominated for the Geisel Award, and her visual art has been exhibited in galleries both nationally and abroad. Her painting, Resurrection, a tribute to the souls lost in the September 11th tragedy, was presented to the New York City Mayor’s office in 2001 as a gift to the people of New York. Tabbatha Bella has worked in web design, digital publishing, graphic design, social media marketing, traditional marketing, and the visual art field for over 30 years. She is a member of both the Georgia and Florida Writer’s Associations, the Atlanta Writer's Club, the Independent Book Publishers of America, and the Daughters of the American Revolution.


In this course she shares her knowledge and experience with her students to help them understand, and navigate, the book publishing industry in a simple, no nonsense method, with visuals, demos, templates, and a bit of humor to make things fun. Join now. Take the first step toward making your book publishing dreams a reality.