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Health and Wellness Has Gone Digital. Are You Plugged In?


Traditional marketing no longer makes sense. If you want to attract new clients then you must offer them the digital materials they demand. If you don’t someone else will.

Digital Marketing Is No Longer an Option.


People are increasingly hungry for information, and they turn to the internet for experts. While traditional forms of marketing are losing popularity. Today, people want digital monthly newsletters, email info blasts, and PDF information brochures to save and take with them on their mobile devices.


Our staff of award-winning (yes, they all have won awards in writing) copywriters are AWAI trained, professional, competent in their niche, and honest. They pay attention to, and follow through, on every detail. They have a strong work ethic and complete task on time.

SEO Is Required for the Metadata to Feed the Algorithms In Order to Drive Traffic to You.


All of our copywriting services include SEO. To perform well online, your business must incorporate high quality and powerful SEO (search engine optimization). The purpose of SEO is to be strategically placed for the search engine’s web crawlers to collect and enter into their database. Thus produce higher search results, shares, and click backs. Writing content SEO is both a skill and an art. It must be balanced and clever. Well designed and executed SEO, as website metadata or in web content, can boost your company in search engine results. This is extremely important because most search engine users seldom go past the second page of results.


All our copywriting services include:

  • Drive clicks meta data
  • SEO headline creation

Building Trust and Client Loyalty


Expert In the Following Fields:

  • General Health Topics
  • Lyme & Chronic Lyme Disease
  • Myofascial Pain Syndrome
  • Femoral Nerve Pain Syndrome
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  • Keto Diet & Ketosis
  • Juicing & Blending


Our health writer has over 28 years of first-hand experience, and countless hours of research,  regarding Chronic Lyme, Mysofascial, Femoral Nerve, Thoracic Outlet, and health and diet; specifically the keto diet. Her informative book about Chronic Lyme  Disease is a work that delivers insightful information. Her personal experience  can reach across the screen and draw in the reader. Her passion to help people on their health journey to wellness produces powerful copy.

Some of the companies our authors has worked for:

Our Health and Wellness Copywriting Services


Informative content must be written in a story format. The product, or service, being highlighted by the article or post cannot be technical. It must be more than explaining tedious details or openly barking like a salesperson on a car lot. Solid consumer content must skillfully bring all these elements together in the form of creative writing while including important SEO.


Informative content includes: social media posts, blog posts, case studies, and online magazines. The heart of informative content is to build a relationship with your customers. It must offer insight, education, or advice that will be a benefit to the reader. Popular informative consumer content includes tutorials, new research, helpful information, and usually include graphics and possibly videos. This type of content, not only builds relationships, but encourages interaction and delivers results.


(All services are flat fee based and royalty free)


All Blog articles are Labeled: Publisher's First Rights Only.


Services include:

  • Drive clicks meta data
  • SEO headline creation
  • One licensed graphic


150-500 words $300

501-1000 words $600



Articles for Long Form SaaS Blogs:


Services include:

  • 1500-2000 words
  • Drive clicks meta data
  • SEO headline creation
  • One licensed graphic





Advertising Hard Copy Sales  Letter:

500 words, single spaced $650



Advertising Email Sales Letter:

100-200 words $150

201-500 words $300



Scripts for Radio Ads:

50-200 words, 30 seconds $875

75-250 words, 45 seconds $975



Scripts for TV Ads:

50-200 words, 45 seconds $1500

75-250 words, 60 seconds $2000


(All services are flat fee based and royalty free)


Scripts for Social Media Videos:

35 words, 30 seconds $350

75 words, 60 seconds $675

1000 words, 5 minutes $1500

2000 words, 10 minutes $2500